iPad Air Case – Poetic iPad Air Case [CoverMATE Series] – [Lightweight] [Art Print] Protective Slim Cover Case for Apple iPad Air (5th Generation iPad) Cute Kitty (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)


NOTE: This case fits only the Apple iPad Air Tablet. It will NOT fit any other iPad Models.

The CoverMate by Poetic is hip by nature, featuring a collection of stylish print designs. The case is ultra light and thin, and fits onto your iPad mini with snug precision. The front cover has multiple purposes: to protect the beautiful retina display, to wake up and put the iPad to sleep when the cover is opened and closed, and to fold into a stand for use when reading, watching, or typing. Another purpose of the cover is to show off your big beaming personality through one of our many original, eye-grabbing designs. Whether it’s geometric patterns or cute cat images, you are sure to find something to suit your aesthetic sense. Art is alive and well in the Poetic CoverMate for iPad Air.

Warranty:Poetic warrants the Poetic Brand of Products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 3 (three) years from the original date of purchase of the product by a consumer through an authorized Poetic dealer. Poetic does not warrant, and is not responsible for, any smart phone, tablet or other device made by any manufacturer other than Poetic. If a defect arises in the materials or workmanship warranted by Poetic, Poetic will replace that unit as long as it falls within the warranty constraints.

Product Features

  • Smooth polyurethane cover with magnetic closure and auto sleep/wake function
  • Original art and patterns for Poetic designers
  • Lightweight and protective – enjoy your tablet’s true form
  • Easy snap-on installation in protective polycarbonate back shell
  • Designed for the Apple iPad Air (5th Generation iPad). Made by Poetic.

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  1. Poetic makes a great, slim fitting case! This is the second case I have purchased from Poetic. The first case was for my Nexus 10 last year, and after having that one for a year with no problems whatsoever, I decided to purchase this one for my girlfriends iPad Air.It works as intended and does a great job at protecting every bit of the device. It also allows the iPad to stand up on a table or nightstand as if it was in a dock. Reviews that state that this does not work are incorrect and the reviewers in those cases…

  2. BRAVO POETIC … it’s a 10 🙂 I just received two replacement cases for my iPad Air. The original two did not have the magnets for the wake/sleep function. Poetic IMMEDIATELY made arrangements to ship the corrected cases.They work perfectly. Alignment is spot on, the case fits perfectly, the cover lays flat when closed and the wake/sleep function works!!! I didn’t think I would like the tri-fold as opposed to the older model 4 fold, but I actually like it better. Stands perfectly, and when laid down in…