iPad Air Case, New Trent Gladius Air iPad Case for iPad Air and iPad Air 2 360 Degree Rotatable [Rugged: Shock Proof] with Built-in Stand, Screen Protector, and Leather Hand Strap


*** NEW upgraded version *** now compatible with iPad Air 2 2016 as well as iPad Air 1st generation *** Rugged Evolution *** Looking for another level of using your iPad then look no more. The Gladius Air is the next step in the Gladius line of evolution. Take your iPad browsing to the next level with protection from water, dirt or even drops. *** Genuine Leather *** Handmade durable leather gives off a subtle, yet luxurious contrast of both organic and inorganic with a truly comfortable grip, once the Gladius Air is strapped on. *** Designing function *** The Gladius Air is the perfect marriage of both protection and function: binding your iPad securely to the palm of your hands so you can start browsing your tablet even while on-the-go. An additional built-in retractable rear stand provides further functionality so one may prop up their iPad Air on a flat surface and enjoy watching movies or playing games. *** Gladius Specifications *** Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.1 x 0.8 inches. Be sure to find the official New Trent logo to ensure a 10 month warranty.

Product Features

  • Compatible with the Apple iPad Air and iPad Air 2 only. Will NOT fit iPad Pro, iPad 4th Gen, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 2nd Gen and iPad 1st Gen properly.
  • High quality, hard inner clamshell case with rubber outer shell and all metal arm with built-in screen protector.
  • 360 degree rotation mechanism will enrich your iPad experience.
  • Multi-adjustable arm/stand for vertical and horizontal iPad Air orientations.
  • Durable hand-worked leather offering the most comfortable grip.


  1. Impressive and durable This is a very well designed and handsome case for the ipad. The leather is lovely, and the soft rubberized outer body is water resistant, dirt and shock proof. The ipad feels very safe in this indeed.This is the first time I have ever used a case which had a hand strap. I really like how my hand can grab the leather strap, with my thumb around it, giving me a good grip, so I know my IPad is not going to slip! This feature really increases the utility of the IPad, as it can be…

  2. Great Product! So I have been using the New Trent Gladius IPAD Air Case for several days now and I have to say I like it. First off the packaging was done very well and easy to get into. Taking a minute and read the instructions will save yourself some time in the long run when it comes to actually putting your IPAD in the case. There is a nice rubber cover/bumper system that fits around the case offering protection that removes easily to allow access to the case. The case is a hard plastic with…