iPad Air 2 Case, INVELLOP Black [Slim Fit] Case Cover for iPad Air 2 (Will fit ONLY 2014 Apple iPad Air 2)


Our highly favored iPad Air 2 cover is a true consumer pleaser with multiple colors available. Sophisticated design equipped with clever sleep-awake function. It is a must-have for every Apple iPad owner.

Case positions:

– Screen flap flips fully back if needed for holding magazine-style

– Props to accommodate 2 viewing/working angles

– Case opens to function as a hands-free sturdy stand for viewing/face-time

– Folds into comfortable typing position

Protection of iPad:

– Secure snap-on attachment

– Durable hard back for maximum protection

– Soft scratch-free microfiber interior

– Built-in magnets hold the screen flap in place once iPad is attached and flap is closed

iPad access:

– Openings for quick access to all control buttons, camera, and dock/charger/headphones connections

Design features:

– Lightweight and ultra-thin: great for travel, work, or school

– Slick design protects without adding any bulk to your iPad

– Gorgeous case with simple lines: the perfect companion for your iPad

Sleep/awake function vs. pressing buttons:

– Magically awakens your device when screen flap is flipped open

– Instantly sends your device into sleep-mode when screen flap is closed

(Please make sure your Lock/Unlock feature is activated in your device settings)

Colors available:

– Black

– Blue

– Hot Pink

– Purple

– Gray

– Red

* Apple iPad are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Products are Apple compatible and not endorsed by Apple, Inc.

Product Features

  • Magnetic strip built inside for secure closure with sleep/awake function!
  • Specifically designed for the Apple iPad Air 2
  • Cover has flip capability to transform the case into a horizontal stand and position for typing.
  • All features are accessible (camera and speaker hole available)
  • This is a one piece case, the front and back does not separate.

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  1. Happy with this case for an iPad Air 2. The price of this case is MUCH lower than the Apple version, and is the main reason I bought it. I was a bit leery of what I would get for such a low price, but I am very pleased with the quality of the product.I purchased this case for an iPad Air 2, and have been using it for about two days. The iPad fits securely in the case, and is held in by friction with the sides and corners of the case. It seems like the fit could become loose over time if the iPad is repeatedly placed in,…

  2. Wonderful case, and even with shipping, a bunch cheaper than Apple’s version I bought this for my new iPad Air 2 and it fits perfectly. Note that, as they say, it will NOT fit the old iPad nor will an old version of any case fit the new iPad because the Air 2 no longer has a mute/rotation lock button and the volume controls have moved farther to the right.This case feels even nicer than the Apple Smart Case I had for my old iPad, the cover snaps firmly closed and turns off the iPad, turning it on again when it’s opened. The iPad snaps into the case firmly…

  3. The quality is good, but the design lacks one thing. I have been using my case for over a month now, and it still looks and feels brand new. This is unexpected for me, because I have been rather hard on it and thought part of it would be loose or dirty by now. But the finish is still scratch free, probably because of how smooth it is. I prefer to type with my thumbs on portrait mode, when I do this the screen cover is folded back reaching slightly over the right side. I don’t know how to describe this properly. Basicly when holding the device in…