iOS 9 Features To Look Forward To; Apple iWatch OS Update In The Works

  • iOS 9 to include many new features including Beats Music

iOS 9 to include many new features including Beats Music (Photo : Twitter)

Apple is holding its cards rather close to its heart right now so far as the iOS 9 update is concerned though that is not deterring rumor mongers from making calculated assessments of what could be in store with the new iOS version.

End of road for iPhone 4s: While a new iOS update is no doubt exciting, the same may not be applicable to all, read iPhone 4s owners. iOS 8 had brought the curtains down for the iPhone 4, and it seems a similar fate awaits iPhone 4s once iOS 9 takes centerstage.  

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Robust update: Apple is also believed to have assigned some clear-cut targets for the iOS 9 team to achieve, to deliver an update that is polished enough right out of the gate. Put in other words, the update is expected to be refined and stable with none of the glitch that had put iOS 8 in some negative light, Gizmodo reported.

What is to be expected of iOS 9 is a light and compact update that is not too heavy on the processor or the battery. These are exactly the areas where iOS 8 had lacked leading to some serious performance and battery draining issues during the early stages of iOS 8.

Home App: A new addition to the iOS 9 will be the new Home app using which Apple envisages creating a virtual map of all smart gadgets in use within the house. While there still is sometime for the actual gadgets to arrive, the Home app will act to laying the foundation for a scenario where users will be able to control many of the devices at home via the Siri app on their iPhone or iWatch.

Siri makeover: While still on Siri, this again is another area that could see some significant upgrade in iOS 9, somewhat along the lines of the colorful makeover the digital personal assistant has been provided in iWatch.

Beats Music: Lastly, it is Beats Music that is pegged to be the big thing to look forward to in iOS 9. The app has been provided a significant makeover that has seen the addition of several new features and could emerge as a replacement for iTune Radio as well. What should come as a bigger surprise for many is that Apple may be including features of its now defunct Ping music social network site to Beats Music. Ping was officially discontinued in 2012 and may well see a revival of sorts again with iOS 9 update.

iWatch OS Update: Meanwhile, there are also reports of Apple working on a ‘Find my Watch’ feature for the iWatch that would allow users to track down their watch if it ever gets stolen or lost. As Know Your Mobile puts it, the feature which will be introduced in a new update will also allow users the option to remotely wipe their data on the iWatch if they so desire.

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