iOS 8 Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders Quick Reference Guide: for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts – Laminated Guide)


4-pg laminated quick reference guide in a new, compact iPad-friendly format (8.5 inches x 5.5 inches) showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use the Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Reminders features of the iOS 8 operating system for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Includes links to expanded content on our web site. This guide is suitable as a training handout, or simply an easy to use reference guide, for any type of user. Good through version 8.3.

The following topics are covered:

Mail: Viewing the Email List; Creating a New Email; Inserting a Photo or Video in an Email; Viewing the Message List When Composing an Email; Saving a Draft of an Email; Printing, Forwarding, Replying; Deleting Emails; Flagging Emails or Marking Unread; Accessing Folders or Other Email Accounts; Using the VIP Inbox; Adding Special Email Lists; Getting New Mail; Moving an Email to a Folder; Creating, Deleting, or Renaming Folders; Searching Emails; Opening and Saving Attachments; Adding an Email Signature; Using Links and Detected Data; Adding Email Senders and Recipients to Contacts.

Contacts: Viewing Contact Details; Navigating the Contact List; Adding a New Contact; Editing an Existing Contact; Searching Contacts; Accessing Groups or Contacts from Individual Accounts; Using Direct Links from Contacts; Blocking a Contact; Adding Facebook Data to Contacts or Calendars.

Calendar:Changing the Calendar View; Creating a Calendar Event; Viewing the Details of an Event; Editing or Deleting an Event; Searching Events; Handling Event Invitations; Managing Multiple Calendars.

Reminders: Viewing Reminder Lists, Creating Reminders; Adding, Deleting, or Editing Reminder Lists; Setting Time or Location Alarms; Making Other Changes to Reminders; Deleting a Reminder.

Also includes a List of Keyboard and Email Tips.

This guide is one of two titles available for iOS 8: iOS 8 Introduction (ISBN 9781939791344)and iOS 8 Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders.

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