InvisibleShield Glass for Apple iPad Air & iPad Air 2 – Screen


Invisible Shield Glass is the next evolution in premium screen protection. Made of high-quality tempered glass, it delivers maximum scratch protection while preserving crystal clear image resolution. It’s so good and so strong that every Glass is guaranteed for the life of the device it protects. In addition to unmatched protection, Glass maintains precise touchscreen sensitivity. It’s only 0.4mm thin and features a unique oil-resistant coating that repels natural skin oils so it’s always a breeze to clean. And speaking of easy, installing GLASS is a simple as aligning it, pressing it, and watching it magically do the rest. All in all, Glass is the clear choice in screen protection.

Product Features

  • Protective: Made of fortified tempered glass, it delivers unprecedented scratch protection.
  • Crystal Clear: High-grade tempered glass provides ultimate clarity.
  • Guaranteed: Invisible Shield Glass is so good, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Sensitive: At only 0.4mm thin, Glass offers ultimate touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Ultra-Smooth: Its highly polished surface and tapered edges feel great and prevent snags when sliding devices in and out of pockets.
  • Clean and Simple: Its oil-resistant coating repels natural skin oils making Glass simple to keep clean and looking great.
  • Easy Installation: Glass features a sleek adhesive layer that goes on quickly and cleanly. Simply align it, press it, and watch as Glass does the rest.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: If your HDX ever gets worn or damaged, ZAGG will replace it for as long as you own your device.

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  1. Incredible!! I have always liked Zagg because I HATE scratches on my screen. But, I have never been a fan of the wavy nature of their traditional shields. I accept it because it’s the best product on the market. The clarity on the new HD shields is great, but still wavy.This new Zagg Glass is honestly the most amazing screen shield I’ve ever seen. Incredibly easy to put on, although it does take good effort to make it line up properly. It looks exactly like the real native iPad glass & I am…

  2. Best screen protector… if you know how to apply these So I will say that these really are the BEST screen protectors you can get. However, they do take some know-how to install. I have been putting Zagg InvisibleShield’s on my electronics for YEARS. I still have an 80 gb ipod classic that looks absolutely original because I put one of these on there about 8 years ago. No peeling. No discoloration. Still in perfect condition even after EIGHT YEARS! I never use any other screen protector, as these are so great.Now, I will say I don’t…