i-Blason Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display Case (2nd Generation) ArmorBox Kido Series Light Weight Super Protection Convertible Stand Cover Case (Blue)


Do you have kids? I do. I have TWO!! They are super active and destroy pretty much everything on their path. However, they will not be able to destroy the Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display 2013 Release protected by our kido series protective kickstand case. Actually, they probably will baby it since the case is so cute yet still very protective and functional.It is made of super lightweight EVA material which provides tons of cushion around your tablet. Thus, your kids will not be able to hurt your/their tablet, no matter how they throw it around just like tossing our kitten, if you know what I am talking about :-). Also, the case can be converted easily into a stand for your kids to take a break and watch some videos such as PBS kids while you can have 5 minutes of peace of mind.

Come on! Try one. Protect Your iPad Mini with Retina Display with i-Blason ArmorBox (TM) Kido series case comes in various of colors!

COMPATIBILITY: Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display (2nd Generation) 2013 Release



– Super protective EVA construction

– Excellent for school and class room tasks

– Installation Instructions

– Lightweight/ Built-in handle= Easy to carry around for kids

– Instant conversion into a stand case for video watching/games…

– Raised edges to protect your screen from shattering

i-BLASON ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY / Make sure to order from i-Blason LLC for authentic product and quality assurance and eligibility of warranty claim

Product Features

  • Versatile and exciting, free-standing and kid-friendly case
  • Designed specifically for Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display 2013 Release
  • Constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve. Corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts.
  • Super Light Weight and durable Hazard Free Safe Material Perfect for Boys and Girls Alike
  • Raised screen bezel Egdes for Extra Protection When Fall
  • Cut out and openpings for Buttons Controls and Cameras
  • Fun Driven Covertible Stand Case Can Change in To A Handle for Easy Handling and Carrying Around (School/Home)
  • Recommended to purchase with i-Blason Bubble Free Screen Protectors
  • Excellet for school and classroom tasks
  • One year warranty from i-Blason

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  1. Excellent case…. The case is great. It is very kid friendly and protects the ipad mini well. There is no display protection. It does protect the screen if you lay it flat on a table. I ended up putting a screen protector on it. My son has dropped it numerous times and the ipad mini is still safe. It is very easy to clean as well. It doesn’t get dirty much. The only part my son has trouble is turning it off since there is no cut out but all you need to do is press hard on that corner on top. The charge port has…

  2. Perfect for a toddler! My two year old son got an iPad Mini for Christmas. I was looking at Otterbox brand for cases. I couldn’t see myself paying $50-$90 for an Otterbox. After searching Amazon for a few days straight, I found this brand. The positive reviews helped me make my decision to purchase.Two months of use and we still love this case. It’s durable, serves it’s purpose, and isn’t as bulky as many others. My son did drop the iPad on the pavement and it didn’t break of crack! I would recommend this…