i-Blason Apple iPad Air Case / iPad 5 ArmorBox 2 Layer Convertible [Hybrid] Full-Body Protection KickStand Case with Built-in Screen Protector for Kids Friendly (Blue/Black)


i-Blason ArmorBox Series Protection Case

Do you need strong protection for your Apple iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad Mini with Retina Display but don’t want a case weighs over 100 pounds? We’ve got a case for you – the Armorbox Stand Case by i-Blason. This case is cute yet still protective and functional. It features a combination of strong PC hard shell and a silicone cover made from hazard-free material. The lightweight silicone material provides a cushion around your tablet and delivers enhanced grip and handling. Furthermore, the case can be converted easily into a stand for you or your kids to watch video or surf the internet.

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Built-in Screen Protector

Drop Protection
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Come on! Try one. Protect Your iPad with i-Blason ArmorBox stand series case comes in various of colors!

Key Features:
  • Super protective design = hard shell + silicone flexible cover
  • Ideal for school and classroom tasks especially with younger kids
  • Includes installation instructions
  • Made from hazard-free material
  • Lightweight
  • Instant conversion into a stand case for video watching and game playing
  • Raised edges to protect your screen from shattering

Product Features

  • Apple iPad Air Case / iPad 5 ArmorBox 2 Layer Convertible [Hybrid], for Kids Friendly

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  1. Good value Just got it today. Snaps together easily. Seems secure, and solid. Feels like it could really take a hit and survive now. I have two young boys so I can’t complain. I do feel it adds a lot of weight, more than I expected.. The air is so light, I hate giving up this quality. Also, the kickstand is impossible to open unless you have a pencil, key or coin to get it out. The stand does work perfectly once out. For horizontal view only. I can definitely live with that. If there were an easy…

  2. FANTASTIC!!! Ok, I just would like to point out that I did not purchase this product through Amazon. I purchased this at Best Buy. But I am reviewing THIS CASE, not complaining about how it got here “two days late!” Anyway, this case is amazing for several reasons:1. It goes up over your iPad for full protection.2. It has all of the necessary cut outs as well as some silicone coverings for some buttons, making them still easily accessible.3. It gives you a really good grip on your…