H&T(TM) Second Generation Fine Point Stylus with Two Tip [2 in 1] for Ipad, Ipad Air, Ipad Mini, Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Lg G Pad, HTC and Other Touch Screen Devices (Black)


Fine Point Stylus Features:

1. Compatible with all touch screen devices

2. The flexible and fine tip gives you the free writing and drawing angle.

3. The clear and conductive disc tip provides the super sensitivity.

4. Pen cap design to prevent losing your stylus.


Product Features

  • Compatible with all touch screen devices.
  • Tip provides super sensitivity and supreme accuracy
  • Comes with 2 extra tip replacement.
  • The durable aluminum and steel gives superior craftsmanship comparable to any luxury pen
  • 2 IN 1-two Different tips,more easily for your phone,ipad and other Other Touch Screen Devices

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  1. High Quality Fine Point Stylus I typically don’t take the time to write reviews, but this stylus deserves 5 stars and my time to write it. If you’re looking for a fine point stylus, this is the one! The price is very reasonable compared to others, and the quality is top notch. They thought of everything. The bottom piece unscrews and reveals the fine point stylus. When you uncap the bottom, it can screw on the top of the unit. The feel of the stylus is solid, and its point capability to hit its target on the screen…

  2. You won’t need to buy another stylus again! Faaaaantastic! This stylus has exceeded my expectations. I will say this should be consider as a 10 star product. To explain, I have been using the blunt old rubber tipped styluses for about 3 years or so and absolutely hated them but because they were better than using my finger I stuck it out. Works excellent on my new ipad, my mom’s Galaxy 6 edge+, and my wife’s iphone 6+. Feels and looks like a pen, the tip is soft but you could still easily make it contact with the screen. Responds…