HeartMath 6400 Inner Balance Sensor for IOS, Black


Get your heart, mind and emotions in sync to improve well-being and performance. This simple to use technology takes a pulse reading from your earlobe and translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics on your ios device. Synchronizing your breathing with your heart rhythms while focusing on positive emotions has been shown to reduce the negative effects of stress, improve relaxation, and build resilience with just a few minutes of daily use. No other technology on the market today tracks hrv coherence at the refined level of the inner balance sensor. Also included are immediate training, education and self-monitoring. When launching inner balance for the first time, it will display a quick overview of the app’s elements. Once you have swiped through the slide show you will be taken to the session screen where you can start training. To run a session simply plug the inner balance sensor for ios onto your iphone and ear, press start, breathe along with the pacer and recall a moment when you felt a positive feeling. See your heart rate variability (hrv) and in-session data change as you are gently coached through a session. Inner balance keeps a history of all your sessions and tracks how you are progressing over time. Receive fun, colorful awards for daily activity, coherence level building and life time achievement. Use the inner balance journal to keep track of how you were feeling or what was going on in your world that may have caused you stress or relieved your anxiety in. Additional features: multiple breathing pacers including a place to add your favorite images. Advanced screens and charts provide a more detailed view of the changing heart rhythms and amount of time in the “coherence zone”, which is the most optimal state for your body.

Product Features

  • Real-time HRV monitoring.
  • On-screen coaching.
  • Full history for progress tracking.
  • Made for ipod touch (4th generation), iphone 3gs, iphone 4, iphone 4s, ipad 2, ipad (3rd generation)

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  1. Bohdisattva in your pocket? Is it any surprise someone would come out with an IOS-based biofeedback device that would help with stress relief? Currently, you can use your IOS devices for everything from alarm clocks to navigation.The device is pretty simple. You’ve got the connector, the cord and ear-click with a handy carry pouch and simple instructions.The only faults I found with the device was that the instructions tell you to go to iTunes to download the program you need to go with the device…

  2. Novel Approach to Meditation. Seems to Be Beneficial. First, you have to download a free, but fairly sizable app, so make sure you have room on your phone. Search for Inner Balance to determine if you can download the app. And as a heads up, the app is not very user-friendly. It’s ridden with a bunch of vague terms like coherence that are never really defined, and there are no back or stop buttons or finger swipe movements that I can find.Once you download the app, there’s an introductory slide show that walks you through how to use…

  3. Essential for total approach to health: Two failed, but replaced…and failed again Edit 9/27/13When this device works, it’s a fantastic aid to one’s overall health. Unfortunately, I go through periods with a 95% “Sensor timed out” response. Sometimes I go days with it working fine, but the more I use it, the worse it gets.So I start up my iPod touch, connect the sensor (Yes! I’m checking the connections, and I modded the cover months ago to ensure there was no interference), and cross my fingers that it works. I can’t begin to tell you how stressful this…