Griffin Midtown Folio for iPad 2 3rd and 4th Gen (Black)


With its clean lines, genuine leather, and functional design, Griffin’s Midtown Folio for iPad is always appropriate, wherever you take it. The Midtown opens and closes like a 3-panel notebook; the compact, one-piece folio design flips open to reveal your Multi-Touch display and a facing (real paper) notepad, then closes for privacy and protection. Super-grippy elastic bands at all four corners hold your iPad securely in place, and an elastic band closure secures the folio cover. Inside, Midtown’s smooth micro suede inner lining protects your iPad, front and back, from scratches, smudges, and abrasions. A single panel of micro suede, without stitching or seams, is all that contacts the back or front of your tablet. Midtown protects your iPad while you’re carrying it, but it doesn’t stop working when you get where you’re going. Flip the cover around in back to turn the folio into an upright viewing stand. Midtown holds your iPad upright for easy reading and viewing pictures. Two handy loops give you storage for a stylus and a pen or pencil. 5 card pockets on the inner panel keep business, ID, or credit cards always handy. And the real leather exterior gives you the confidence to carry it anywhere.

Product Features

  • Leather portfolio with notepad (yes, an actual paper notepad) for your iPad.
  • Smooth microsuede interior guards your iPad, front and back, against scratches, smudges, dust and abrasions.
  • Supports your iPad upright for handsfree viewing, Includes refillable paper notepad.
  • 2 storage loops for stylus and pen or pencil, 5 card pockets for credit cards, ID cards, or business cards.
  • Elastic corner loops grip your iPad to hold it in place, Rear porthole for camera, Elastic band closure.

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  1. Well I would have gave it more stars if I would have gotten a case that wasn’t cut on both binding parts it appears that someone with a box knife cut it on both sides all the way down!!! 🙁 I was so disappointed when I saw that…I am handicapped and am unable to drive to send it back 🙁 so I guess I’m stuck with this I wanted this case so much being least her and also can act as a wallet and has a notepad so I can write things down especially CUZ my memory is awful with my disorder I have…I…