FYY ® Magnetically Removable Hidden Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case Smart Cover with Velcro Hand Strap and Card Slots for iPad Air/Air 2 (iPad 5/6) Gold (With Auto Wake/Sleep Feature)


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We are Manufacturer, not Retailer! That is why we offer you the highest quality product with reasonable price! Our factory was founded in 1998 and after decades of dedication and innovation, a mature Selection-Production-Examination-Sale-Post Service chain was shaped. As a worldwide factory, we concentrate more on quality of each product. Being Environmental-Friendly is a vital principle we stress all the time.


In order to keep up with all other sellers and benefit our customers as much as possible, we managed to apply for brand protection in the Europe ( Fyy) and Japan ( FYY), North America (FYY).

International IPR:

Going global is the main trend for all nations in the world. As a company, we adapt us to the main stream for a long term development. With the brand protected internationally and Intellectual Property Right of our own, our products will find its way that leads to you.


For each product we make and put on sale, high quality is well ensured for your basic buyer¡¯s interest.

For all our regular and potential clients, first class post-sale service of punctuality, efficiency and responsibility is provided for your perfect user¡¯s experience.

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We manufacture and sell cases for tables and cell phones of a wide range of brands. Please search ¡°fyy + your tablet/mobile+ color¡±to take the fastest path to the product you want and have a clear view of other cases we offer in store.


We adhere adequate pictures for each product. It is noted that all pictures we shot are taken under the most natural condition we can ever create to show you how the products actually look like. Please understand that even so, the color difference may still exist at the different image resolution of our computers and mobiles.

Product Features

  • Magnetically ultra slim 4.8mm and lightweight Wireless Bluetooth keyboard, not cheap silicone keyboard as other cases, helping you to type faster and with less error than on touch screen.
  • Unique design in the world. The keyboard is not only detachable but also could be hidden, which makes the case more functional than traditional keyboard case and looks slimmer without the keyboard.
  • Made with premium PU leather exterior and micro fiber interior. Interior card slots are designed for you to put your business cards/ bank cards/ SD digital card/ SM card. Hand strap makes it possible for you to hold the tablet with one hand. Elastic strap secures your precious tablet even better. The product is endowed with fine texture and comfortable tactile impression.
  • Built-in magnetic strip provides auto sleep / wake feature. Automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when the lid is opened and closed.
  • PLS do as follows to make your keyboard work. (1) First, charge the keyboard for 3 or 4 hours, then turn on the Bluetooth and the power button to connect the keyboard with your tablet (make sure turn on the Bluetooth in your tablet) (2) Second, press the “Fn” button and the “For IOS” (E button) at the same time to switch your system to IOS system (3) Third, the power light is blinking means the keyboard battery is running down, you need to charge it right now. The whole charging time is 3 or 4 hours and PLS do not use the keyboard when charging.

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  1. LOVE! I just received this case/keyboard combo for my spankin brand new ipad air 2 and I really love it.The case itself is great quality and very sturdy. The keyboard took me a minute to figure out because I misplaced the instructions but I was able to figure it out on my own.The space where the keyboard sits is magnetized so its super stable. The ipad fits nice and snug with a frame and velcro with all ports accessible as well as both front and back cameras. There is an elastic band that…

  2. Very Impressed I just got this case today and I’m in love with it. I was hesitant at first, given the low price and lack of reviews, but I’m so glad I purchased it. The quality is much better than I anticipated. It fits the iPad Air 2 perfectly. The keyboard connected without a problem and works as a keyboard should. You can adjust the angle of the tablet to pretty much any angle. The keyboard is surprisingly lightweight, and tucks away into the case without a problem. Also, the actually case around the iPad…