Facebook 31.0 Update Download – Accessing Facebook from iPhone or iPad


The latest version of Facebook for the iOS is 31.0 and now available for download from various sites. What this app would provide is a fast access to the very popular social network account from the Apple iPhone and iPad tablets. The updated version comes with a lot of additional features that makes Facebook operation more fun. Initially, the version had been published for the iPhone alone. The iPad had been left out and users were finding it cumbersome to have to go to the Facebook site for their requirements. Apple has finally caved in to user demand and come out with version which is applicable to both the iPhone and the iPad. The app is available for free download at the Apple iTune store.

Timeline feeds

Facebook new update brings more features especially the time line with what friends have posted. It also has a short cut button to upload posts in a jiffy. Handling these common operations now becomes a breeze. Lots of new short cuts would be found in the update, like notification of friend requests and recent messages received. These feeds are available as soon as user has connected to the facebook account.

Other important features

Swiping the photo album in facebook is now enabled in version 31.0. Makes browsing through albums and fun operation. Photo taken by the iPhone or iPod can also be uploaded to the FB account with just a click of a button. These features have been well thought of and make repetitive tasks on FB quite a simple process now. These are buts a few of the features that the new version brings to the users of iPhone and iPad. There is a More button which if clicked on would provide many other features that the new version brings to its users. Accessing games also becomes very easy now with the new version.

News feed

The new version brings with it how news can be viewed and read on the device in a very intuitive and selective manner. Contacts that have a similar verve for news articles can be linked so that the news feed they getting is also available on the user’s device. The new version also allows for easy un-following such contacts if their news reading habits have changed. Just a selection of the down arrow on the time line would un-follow the contact in the new feed section.

Privacy setting

Another important feature that has been added to Facebook for iPhone and iPad is how the user can change privacy settings. This setting is of great importance as users require it to either restrict or publicise their Facebook presence. Using the iPhone or iPad and going to Facebook to affect these changes was not very convenient.

Areas needing improvement

The most noticeable lacuna after the version 31.0 is loaded has been the chat function. The chat messages that have been sent to contacts come to hound the message box of the user. Also seeing the entire chat session in the message box is not only confusing but annoying too. The iPad version of the app comes with a different look where the chat appears in a side bar. User is able to view the rest of the screen of Facebook while chatting. This is interesting but available only on the iPad. While uploading pictures has been found to be a quick and easy job, as well as viewing the galleries is a nice experience there is an issue with the editing prowess of the app. There has been no existence of the editing ability for the photograph prior to uploading it. Basic editing like crop, rotate also does not exist.

Overall conclusion

Much waited Facebook 31.0 Update for iOS now available for download. Users would not ever like to go the Facebook site for their work anymore. There are however issues which needs to be addressed to make the social experience aspects of Facebook even more interesting.