DUMVOIN(TM) iPad Mini & iPad Mini 2 360 Degree Rotating Feature and Multiple Viewing Angle Rotating Swivel Bluetooth Keyboard case Auto Wakeup and Sleep Feature,Color:Purple


DUMVOIN(TM) iPad Mini & iPad Mini 2 360 Degree Rotating Feature and Multiple Viewing Angle Rotating Swivel Bluetooth Keyboard case Auto Wakeup and Sleep Feature

Due to its innovative design, the keyboard is the case! The iPad Mini & iPad Mini 2 with Retina keyboard case combines a wireless keyboard with a built-in 360 degree rotating iPad stand. This tablet-protecting case is smart, sleek and resilient. Simply slot your iPad Mini or iPad Mini 2 with Retina into the ultra-thin PC case to secure your device. It’s then both extremely quick and easy to pair the wireless keyboard over Bluetooth with your iPad. Once connected, features include a home screen key which allows you to quickly exit an application. Shortcut combination keys work too. No batteries needed as you can charge the keyboard via a USB cable – this is provided as part of the product. With an operating distance of 10 meters you can take the iPad out of the case and still use the keyboard! Great if you’re working on something in a group or conference situation and everyone needs to see the screen.
Package Includes:
1. Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Case
2. USB cable for recharging
3. User Manual

DUMVOIN is a US registered trademark protected by the US Trademark Law.promise:

> 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

> Lifetime Warranty against manufacture defects.

> Superb customer service.

Product Features

  • Attach your iPad Mini & iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display start typing away while having a quick and easy protective shell
  • sleek and modern design, this keyboard even provides more stylish flair to your iPad Mini
  • light and thin keyboard comes with a built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery for your convenience
  • Built-in bluetooth keyboard makes it easy to type with precision and shortcut keys provide quick access to special functions. View more content without the onscreen keyboard getting in the way
  • Ship from USA Local by DUMVOIN£¬super fast delivery with 100% full warranty!

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  1. truly great ALL PURPOSE ipad keyboard case EDITED: see bottom review being written with the product:it’s suprising to me how easy it is to get a product like this wrong… i have been burned before by a long line of products that seemed likely to do the job well – protect the ipad, provide a good stable platform for typing, be easy to use… – but they messed it up in one or more crucial areas that eventually relegated the thing to the deepest darkest recesses of my closet.but THIS… this is amazing! it actually is as useful as it seems…

  2. The Perfect iPad Case/Keyboard! Finally, the perfect iPad mini case! My iPad is never far from reach, if not in my hands. I use it for everything. I have very specific requirements for a case and did lots of research before choosing this one. This is a sturdy product and I love how I can rotate the screen in any direction. The keyboard is great and feels less delicate than other Blutooth keyboards I’ve tried. My only dislike is that key punctuation; such as the question mark and apostrophe, require you to hit a function key…