David Hume Kennerly On the iPhone: Secrets and Tips from a Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer


David Hume Kennerly On the iPhone is a series of essays, anecdotes, and tips about how and why he takes pictures. Using only the camera in his iPhone, Kennerly pursued an around the world photo-a-day mission in 2013. Along the way he discovered that paring down his formidable photo arsenal to a single, simple camera forced him to sharpen his eye and made him an even better photographer. The images and insights in this book will challenge and inspire any shooter, from amateurs to seasoned professionals.

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  1. But it’s not just the photographs I love, it’s his nerve I’ve been a fan for years but David Hume Kennerly’s new book just blows my mind. One killer shot follows another, page after page. But it’s not just the photographs I love, it’s his nerve. When you’ve had as much success and shot as many demanding assignments where your life may be on the line as David has, one tends to care about one’s gear. Professional photographers are very demanding of their cameras and extremely dependent on them working as expected and promised. As good as the iPhone is…

  2. A Pulitzer-winner’s well-crafted views on the camera in your phone The amazing thing about this book is that all the images were taken with an iPhone–and by the Pulitzer-winning photographer who has given us some of the great photographs of the last decades. Kennerly has captured much of recent history on film: presidents, wars, and celebrities. Yet he writes well, too–his advice is clear, even poetic.Actually, he writes very little that is specific to the iPhone. Android users will do just fine with this book. As will anyone with an interest…