Create Great iPhone Photos: Apps, Tips, Tricks, and Effects


You own the world’s most versatile, customizable camera: your iPhone. Out of the box, your iPhone camera is no-frills, but you can transform it into a digital darkroom, photo editing suite, and photoblogging tool all rolled into one . . . if you know how to use it.

Create Great iPhone Photos shows you how to take great iPhone photographs—and even turn your not-so-hot photos into thrillingly inventive, atmospheric images. Author and iPhone photographer Allan Hoffman shows you how to harness the full potential of your iPhone’s camera and turn it into a wildly fun tool for photographic creativity. You’ll learn tips and tricks for generating effects, applying filters, and manipulating your images with wonderfully innovative apps—all right on your iPhone. And you’ll be inspired by interviews with today’s top iPhone photographers and galleries of their impressive work.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Produce stunning panoramas, vintage-style photobooth strips, and super-saturated Polaroid® photos with a hip, 1970s look
  • Unlock the secret power of your iPhone’s camera with burst mode, high dynamic range (HDR) effects, exposure and focus controls, and more
  • Find and install the best iPhone apps for cropping images, adjusting contrast and exposure, and editing your photos to achieve eye-popping results
  • Publish and share images right from your iPhone, without the hassle of memory cards, cables, or complex desktop photo editing tools

You have Photoshop® (and a lot, lot more) right in your pocket. Do amazing things with your photos with Create Great iPhone Photos.

Amazon Exclusive: A Letter from Allan Hoffman, Author of Create Great iPhone Photos

Dear Amazon Readers,

I’ve owned lots of cameras, but I’ve never owned one as fun and versatile as my iPhone camera.

Is the iPhone the world’s greatest camera? I think so, and I’m not alone in this. A growing number of professional photographers, including several with photos in my book, have come to view the iPhone camera as a brilliant tool for photographic creativity and experimentation.

As one professional photographer told me recently (in an email from Afghanistan, where he is embedded with the Marines): “As cameras go, it might be the best piece of gear I’ve ever used.”

What’s the source of the excitement? The breathtakingly diverse variety of apps, for everything from creating photo booth strips to adding a self-timer to your iPhone camera. There are thousands of photography apps available at the App Store, and it can be a challenge to know how to choose the best of them. That’s where my book comes in. Create Great iPhone Photos tells you about the best photography apps, explains how to use them, and provides a source of inspiration with brilliant color photographs.

Here’s just a brief selection of images in the book and the apps used to create them.



Iris Photo Suite



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  1. I found it lacking It may be great for the photography and iphoneography beginner. This book discusses the best/most loved camera and filters apps. So it is a good guide on what apps to get. But it doesn’t discuss in-depth the effects each filter app gives.The basics on manipulating contrast, saturation, levels, histogram etc are there, but no mention that adjusting the histogram/levels will also increase contrast and create a color shift, so you may want to adjust those as well. No mention of the…

  2. easy to read and comprehensive coverage of iPhone photography This book covers a lot of basic information about using the iPhone camera, but it goes way beyond that. I was a little embarrassed to realize that I didn’t know about touching the screen to change the area of camera focus! My favorite part of the book is all the enabling for apps, especially tips for self-timer and burst mode apps. I was also pleased to see links to blogs and websites for creative inspiration.This book covers a wide range of topics related to iPhone…