Clamp Champion Tablet & Phone Holder Mount & Stand – Fits All Sizes – Car Head Rest & Visor Mount – Sofa – Kitchen – Plane – iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini Retina, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Windows Surface, Lenovo Tab


Clamp Champion. The Worlds Best Tablet and Smart Phone Holder. Here’s Why. It Fits All Tablets from 2 to 12 inches. Its versatile design enables you to rotate it 360º and swivel it 160º! Quick Mounting methods include: Car: Glove Box, Head Rest, Visor, on your Leg. Kitchen: Cabinets, Drawers, or in Stand Alone mode. Travel: Airplane, Train, Bus, NEW from USA Manufacturer. All you need is Clamp Champion. It Fits All and Mounts All Places. Why buy separate holders for car, kitchen, home, bedroom, and school, costing you allot of money, when Clamp Champion does it all. Designed in USA – Patented. – Holds All Tablets and Smart Phones – Life time manufacturers replacement guarantee. Return to Manufacturer and we will replace it for free. If you have any suggestions in making it better, let us know and together we will improve and make this the Worlds Best Tablet holder. contact us at 800-656-6587 Thank you for your purchase.

Product Features

  • NEWLY Designed & PATENTED in USA. Sold by USA Manufacturer helping produce jobs. Holds Big and Small Tablets & Smart Phones. Firmly Grips all size iPads, iPhone and all size Tablets and Smart Phones from 2 inches to 12 inches. Its Strong Grip keeps your Device Secure. It comes with a Life Time Manufacturer Replacement Guarantee. We want 100% Satisfied Customers
  • Mounts in Car, Glove Box, Headrest, Visor & with Leg mount feature. It comes with a quick release so you can use the upper clamp separately in Stand Alone position or mount under headrest or on visor or hold it in your hand.
  • Mounts in the Kitchen, on Cabinets, Drawers or in in Stand alone position. You can adjust the angle by sliding it up and down. Use in Bedroom by mounting it to a pillow.
  • Mounts on sofa and recliner arm rest and back rest. Holds all Tablets and phones with cases. No need to take your case off. It also mounts on Airplane magazine rack, on the Train, Bus Seats.
  • It holds hard back books. It can be used on a School Desk, in “Stand Alone” position. Why buy many holders when Clamp Champion works virtually every where. Thank you for your purchase. You can decorate and customize the Clamp surface with stickers. Plus % of your purchase helps charity.


  1. Literally clamp unto anything tablet holder I’ve bought several different tablet holders, but none of them held the tablet steady as promised, i also tried different cases that have a stand, and none of them can compare to this Clamp Champion tablet holder. The best part about it is that i can mound it anywhere, literally, in the car, airplane, kitchen, bedroom, and my favorite in bath tub. you will never find better and any position adjustable mount that can clamp on to pretty much anything. Try it out for your self, and you will will…