ClamCase Pro iPad Mini Keyboard Case


ClamCase: All-In-One Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad Mini. This multi-purpose case features a full QWERTY keyboard, with function keys to unlock the iPad’s® potential. This hard shell case is bound by the patented hinge technology allowing 360 degrees of freedom. The perfect all in one solution.

Product Features

  • Island style full QWERTY keyboard
  • 360º patent pending hinge offers unmatched versatility
  • Aluminum enclosure and polycarbonate shell provide unmatched protection
  • Special function keys provide instant access to your most often used featuress
  • Bluetooth connectivity with one-touch easy pair

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  1. RIP: April 2014 – January 2015 Like so many others, I have never written a review on Amazon for ANYTHING. But due to the price point and the many, many glowing reviews (as well as articles) circulating the http://www., I feel obligated to share my experience with the product.I bought my case in April of 2014. After many, many hours of research and one returned product, it became obvious to me this was the way to go. Yes, it’s pricey. But I’m in the camp of folks who believe it’s better to put down the chunk of change up…

  2. Progress on the iPad mini keyboard front…..but not quite there For comparison purposes, I also own the ZAGGKeys Silver Cover Keyboard and the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard. Each has pluses and minuses.This ClamCase is a more expensive option, and it’s nice inasmuch as it provides actual cover for the back of the iPad mini, and a good hinge that allows you to tilt back the iPad to a more comfortable working angle when perching it on a table or desk. However, there is a design flaw; the weight of this ClamCase – and it is MUCH heavier than the…