ChargerCity Apple iPad Air 1st & 2nd Generation Retina (ONLY FOR IPAD AIR) Bendy 1/4-20 Camera Tripod MonoPod adapter Mount for Photobooth Selfie Golf Sports Video Recording with designated cradle holder & (iPad AIR & Tripod is to be sold seperatly)


ChargerCity’s Tripod mount allows easy mounting and positioning of your ipad AIR 1st & 2nd Generation tablet on to your Tripod / Mon0pod . Use it anywhere you desire (Wedding, Party, Meetings). Our innovative yet simple mounting solution not only is COST EFFICIENT but easy to install and use (No Tools required)

Product Features

  • New innovative, Assembled in the USA Universal Tripod Adapter will allow you to sit your Apple Air Tablet with rear view video camera directly on to your Tripod (Tripod is sold separately)
  • Designated Holder Specifically Design for ipad Air 1st & 2nd Generaton (NOT FOR OLDER IPAD)
  • 360 Degrees Adjustable Tripod / Monopod Extension allows maximum viewing adjustment and recording experience
  • Great to record Indoor Photobooth Selfie or Outdoor sporting activities with youyr tablet (Golf, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Party) **No Tools Require**
  • Manufacturer Direct Replacemenrt Warranty by ChargerCity **Submit your warranty claim directly on ChargerCity website’s warranty page**

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  1. Perfect For Your iPad Air You know those apple commercials where folks are using their new iPad to take photographs and make films? They’re almost always using some sort of tripod and pad holder.This is the holder you are looking for!It goes a great job of holding your iPad and allowing you to use two hands to manipulate the shutter or exposure or focus.You could put it next to your desk for hands-free reading.There are a million different uses for this great mount.My only recommendation…

  2. Plastic is pricey, but I like the product. There is not much to it. It is the best price I found after looking thoroughly around amazon and else where. It’s not much for the price but it is solid and works and fits exactly as I would expect. The flexible arm is heavy duty and allows for precise adjustments, but allows iPad to wobble in the wind, a downside if you’re shooting video.I give it a thumbs up for quality. Would be a good buy for $9.99! But $15 is still better than the competition. Recommend! But only 4 stars for…