BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive iPad Stylus – Touch Screen Stylus with Ultra Durable FiberMesh Fabric Tip for Apple iPad Air, iPad mini 2 w/ Retina (2013), iPad 4, iPhone 5s / 5, iPhone 4S, Nexus 7, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Touchscreen Stylus for All Devices (Lunar Blue)


The BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive Stylus with FiberMesh is advanced stylus technology, designed as a solution for your everyday touchscreen needs. BoxWave styluses are the best touchscreen writing tools on the market.

FiberMesh(TM): Stylus Innovation
Breakthrough in stylus technology: The FiberMesh tip is precisely engineered with an extremely soft yet durable conductive woven fiber.

The FiberMesh tip is the longest lasting stylus tip on the market today. Designed to the perfect length and weight, the EverTouch Capacitive Stylus is built to last.

One Touch Response
A single press of the EverTouch to the screen will pull up your app of choice. More response. Less frustration.

Three included lanyards offer storage solutions:

  1. 2″ lanyard
  2. 12″ lanyard with elastic coil
  3. Charm ring for key chains

Product Features

  • Available in Bold Orange, Crimson Red, Jet Black, Lunar Blue, Metallic Silver, or Rose Pink color
  • FiberMesh Tip is a tightly woven conductive material that is highly durable and resistant to tearing and breaking
  • The result is ultra accurate and responsive performance, including the ability to work at any screen angle with less pressure required for each movement
  • Package includes 3 clip-on lanyard attachments: 3.5mm headphone jack attachment, 3.5mm headphone jack with an elastic coil for screen use while attached, Charm clip for attachment to key chains, charms, or bracelets

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  1. Best stylus for the iPad So, it seems like the iPad stylus getting all the attention and adoration is the . Having just spent a week using it, I can honestly say it’s a piece of crap. The tip is overly soft and flops back and forth while you write. It also requires that you press entirely too hard before the iPad senses it. I now take all my meeting notes on my iPad, and the Pogo Sketch was too thin which, combined with the amount…

  2. Better choice for writing on iPad I was debating between the less expensive pogo sketch and this Boxwave stylus. I made the right choice. A co-worker of mine purchased the pogo sketch and we tested both pens on our notebook applications on the iPad. The Boxwave pen was easily registered by multiple different notebook programs on the iPad at a normal writing angle. The pogo sketch required an odd (almost perpendicular) angle to be picked up consistently. It is more expensive (at least when I purchased) but the Boxwave…