BESDATA Ultra Thin Magnetic Smart Cover (Wake/Sleep Function) & Translucent Back Case for Apple iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4 + Screen Protector + Cleaning Cloth + Stylus (Purple)


The Smart Case has your back. And your front. It offers all-around protection and is precisely designed to keep your iPad fully covered with a slim fit. And just like the Smart Cover, it wakes and sleeps iPad on open and close and folds into different positions to make reading, viewing, or typing even easier. And it adds your iPad with a touch of vivid color.


1 X Magnetic Front Smart Cover + Translucent Back Case

1 X Screen Protector for Display

1 X Cleaning Cloth

1 X Stylus

Product Features

  • 2 SEPARATED PIECES DESIGN: It protects the back as well as the screen, while maintaining the thin and light design of your iPad.
  • Open the smart cover, and iPad magically wakes up. Close it, and iPad automatically goes to sleep.
  • The smart cover folds in just the right places to become the perfect FaceTime and movie watching stand.
  • The striking color effects of the TRANLUCENT back case let the fine design of your iPad and the Apple logo shine through
  • The smart cover is made of polyurethane and comes in nine great colors. It also features a soft microfiber lining that helps keep your display clean.


  1. Great alternative to Apple’s expensive Smart Cover! This is a pretty good deal compared to Apple’s smart cover without a case, which is $40. and with a case is $50. I felt that I should leave a review because none of their products seem to have a review, but I hope this helps in making your decision! I recommend this if you do not want to spend so much on Apple’s own accessories or just want a simple alternative case if you don’t want to use a heavy case all the time and need something for casual use.Pros:-This is a pretty good…

  2. Good Cover, but Case Chips at Corners The cover is almost identical to the one Apple endorses on it’s website. I really like the fact that it locks into the plastic case for the back of the iPad so it can’t fall off.However, the back case is chipping off in little pieces at the corners (the sides themselves seem to be fine, it’s just a problem with the corners), and that started almost as soon as I started using the case. I wonder how long until that chipping results in having to replace it.If not for the…