Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 (Black)


The Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 is the ultimate enhancement to your iPad Air 2 experience. This fully loaded keyboard case combines durable tablet protection, viewing versatility and a totally revamped typing experience, all in one lightweight, portable package. Sometimes you just want to use your iPad Air 2 without the keyboard. While other keyboard case designs make it difficult to remove your tablet, the QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case makes it easier than ever. Simply detach and go – the standalone case keeps you protected. The case by itself even works with your Smart Cover, so your iPad Air 2 always has complete dual-sided protection. We’ve completely redesigned the typing experience to make it even more like using an actual laptop. The Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case is the only keyboard case on the market to have the exact same number of keys as a laptop keyboard, so there’s no sacrificing functionality. With a wider keycap shape and improved key pitch, the keys perform better than the competition, making the Ultimate Pro the fastest and most comfortable keyboard case available. The QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case also features backlit keys, to make typing in lowlight or no light even easier. Choose between three brightness levels to further customize your typing experience. Not only does the keyboard wirelessly pair to your iPad Air 2, but you can use it by itself and pair it with other devices. Better still, you can pair up to two devices at once. So when you’re typing an email and get a text message on your phone, you can toggle over, respond and get back to your email without skipping a beat.

Product Features

  • Improved keyboard layout – same number of keys as a laptop. Rubber feet prevent the keyboard from touching the screen
  • Backlit keys with 3 brightness levels
  • Landscape/Portrait modes.
  • Magnets hold tablet in two comfortable viewing angles
  • Detachable case works with the keyboard or by itself. Case is Smart Cover compatible
  • Smart-sensing auto on/off technology
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Bluetooth Smart keyboard allows you pair up to 2 devices at once. Up to 1 year continuous battery life

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