Belkin Classic Tab Case/Cover with Stand for iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini, Purple Lightning (F7N246B1C02)


The magnetic closure secures the iPad mini inside the cover and also allows you to fold the cover back so it stays out of your way. A durable exterior and soft inner lining protect your iPad mini’s touchscreen and backing. The cover is lightweight with a slim profile, so it fits easily into any purse or bag. And the adjustable stand lets you choose from multiple viewing angles, ensuring you’ll be able to comfortably work, read, or watch videos wherever you go.

Product Features

  • Adjustable stand offers multiple viewing angles
  • Magnetic tab closure keeps your iPad mini securely in place. When in use, the tab neatly holds the cover back and out of the way.
  • Smooth, durable exterior offers style and protection
  • Soft liner protects touchscreen and backing
  • Compatible with: iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini

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  1. Practically perfect. Great case overall; every feature in the product description performs as advertised. I’m very satisfied.I got my ipad mini retina a few days before the Apex360 arrived and I really enjoyed using the mini without a case. It’s thin and light and a pleasure to hold. I was a little bit disappointed when I put the Apex360 on and it felt like the weight more than doubled. The case isn’t light or thin, at least not compared with the ipad but I’m really pleased with it and I think it’s a…

  2. You hardly know it’s there–nice and thin, but protective An very nice iPad Mini case. It’s thin enough that it slips into bags and jacket pockets with ease, but is still as protective as a book-style case should be. Exterior grip is good, not too smooth. Not overly sticky either, just enough to keep your grip unless your hands are wet or overly cold, etc.The interior cover flap lining is soft yet allows for easy removal of dirt, crumbs, etc. which is important given that it comes in contact with the Mini’s screen.The magnetic…