Apple Watch 42mm Silver Aluminum Case with Blue Sport Band


Brand new Apple Watch Sport 42mm with blue band.


  1. Beautifully designed, but which one to buy? Having used an Apple watch daily for a month, I thought I’d share my thoughts. There’s a lot to cover, and it’s broken into sections so you can skip the bits you’re less interested in. If you’re busy and just want the facts, I’ve included a summary at the start, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the end.Apple Watch – A Summary=======================Smaller and lighter than I’d expected and beautifully designed it’s…

  2. While this is a nice first model from Apple, you’ll have to decide if it is for you While this is a nice first model from Apple, you will need to evaluate whether the high cost brings enough functionality for you. I have owned both the sport model and this stainless steel model. I much prefer the stainless steel. It feels more durable and the sapphire screen is beautiful. It also feels like it will hold its value longer. That’s not to disparage the sport model, which is a fine watch too, but the sport just feels less like a nice watch. The classic buckle looks great, but does…