Apple Watch 38mm Aluminum Case Sport with Black Sport Band


38mm Space Grey Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Product Features

  • 38mm Space Grey Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

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  1. A Great – But Not A Must Have Accessory I have owned the Apple Watch Sport since April 24th (little over two weeks for this review) and I absolutely love it.Note: I touch on the differences between the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch at the bottom of this review.The question that I seem to hear is “what’s the point? I already have an iPhone that can do everything the Watch can do.” Yes, it can, but the Watch is not made to replace your iPhone, it is meant to compliment it. The idea is to ease the…

  2. Beautifully designed, but what can it do aside from tell the time? Having used an Apple watch daily for a month, I thought I’d share my thoughts. There’s a lot to cover, and it’s broken into sections so you can skip the bits you’re less interested in. If you’re busy and just want the facts, I’ve included a summary at the start, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the end.Apple Watch – A Summary====================Smaller and lighter than I’d expected and beautifully designed it’s…