Apple Watch 2 Specs Rumors: Second-Gen Apple iWatch May Come With Facetime & Improved …


Jun 24, 2015 10:24 AM EDT

The tremendous success of the Apple Watch has inspired the Cupertino-based tech titan to update its first wearable with a new device that will reportedly incorporate a few new features.

According to Christian Today, recently Apple announced the update of the smartwatch’s platform to WatchOS 2. However, the WatchOS 2 does not minimize the Apple Watch only up to a great extent. Hence, speculations are rife that Apple is already looking to develop a new wearable device, which it intends to launch by 2016.

While Apple is yet to confirm the rumors related to the Apple Watch 2, apparently some sources inside the Cupertino-based company are already leaking the information to outsiders. According to reports by 9to5Mac, an Apple fan and observer site, the second-generation Apple Watch will incorporate new features, most prominent among them is a video camera and a somewhat improved battery.

Giving the new Apple Watch a video camera on the top bezel of the wearable device means that users will be able to undertake FaceTime calls without having to use their iPhones. Moreover, as the Apple Watch is wireless integrated to the user’s smartphone, users can instantly see notifications and feeds on the watch face. It appears that Apple has already confirmed the new feature since the company has already showcased the FaceTime function as a significant feature of WatchOS 2 at the recently-concluded Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) of the company.

Apart from the new FaceTime feature, the purported second-gen Apple Watch is also expected to come with an improved battery. While Apple has claimed that most of the Apple Watch users are satisfied with the current battery life of the device, the company is reported to working to improve the hardware specs of the wearable’s battery. Incorporating additional advanced features like Nightstand charging and power-saving options may possibly be an indication that the company is aiming to extend the average daily battery life of the upcoming Apple Watch.

According to the report, though the information reportedly came inside sources, Apple has yet to comment on these claims. Hence, as of now, these details should only be considered as mere speculations.