Apple Original – 5 Colors – Smart Cover for Ipad 2 2nd Ipad New 3 3rd & 4 4th Gen (Dark Gray)


What’s the difference between the smart case and the smart cover? Smart case protects the whole ipad, while as the smart cover only protects the screen. The apple product you are viewing is a smart cover and only protects the screen.
The dark gray polyurethane iPad Smart Cover for the iPad 2 and new iPad from Apple is an ingenious accessory that all iPad 2 and new iPad owners should own. This clever cover not only provides a way to protect the screen of your iPad 2 and new iPad, but greatly expands its use. First of all, even under the best of conditions, dirt, dust and other contaminants can subvert any viewing surface. The Smart Cover will protect your screen and keep it in first-rate viewing condition as well as help prevent any nasty scratches.

The Smart Cover is held tightly in place by the built-in magnets in the iPad 2 and new iPad’s frame – magnets that align perfectly with the matching Smart Cover hinge for an effortless fit. When you don’t want to use the Smart Cover, just fold it out of the way like a page from a magazine – or simply remove it entirely. However, it doesn’t stop there as the Smart Cover will also wake your iPad 2 and new iPad from Sleep Mode – a real time and energy saving benefit. In addition, you can fold this cover into various formats that will make your iPad 2 and new iPad even more user-friendly. It can rapidly be configured into a handy typing stand for a more enjoyable position for your hands.

For added convenience, it can be converted into a neat little stand that the iPad 2 and new iPad can lean against for a far more comfortable reading position. Or if you desire, it can provide a “hands-free” upright position for your iPad 2 and new iPad during video calling. In either configuration, this will leave you free to take notes or “hand talk”. Finally, if you want to shoot some HD video on the fly, this amazing Smart Cover folds in half to expose the back-facing camera of the iPad 2 and new iPad.

Product Features

  • Protects the Screen From Dust and Dirt Secures to the iPad’s Built-in Magnets Secure Fitting / Easy to Use or Remove Can be Folded to a Handy Keyboard Stand Folds into Tilt Stand for Easier Reading
  • apple product in bulk packaging

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