[Apple MFi Certified] Aibocn® 30 Pin Sync Charging Data Cable for iPhone 4S 4 iPad iPod Classic iPod Nano iPod Touch – White 1.2M / 4 Feet


Aibocn 30 Pin Connector to Cable – Apple MFI Certified

original Apple 30 pin connector and authentication chip directly from
Apple Inc,genuine cable will ensure you the highest quality.

*Sync and Charging Convenient

Quick charging and synchronizing data. Light-weight and easily coiled, you can use it at home, in the office, in the car or traveling, it’s the best replacement charger cable for you.

* Eco-Friendly Guaranteed

Using environmental material and has passed the non-toxic testing and certification to guarantee its health and safety, and you have no longer worry about your baby bite the cables.


1. Color: White

2. Interface: USB 2.0 A type to Dock

3. Connectors: USB A(male) to Dock(male)

4. Length: 4 feet(1.2m)

5. Weight: 29g


*iPhone : iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs ;

*iPad : iPad(1st Generation), iPad 2(2nd Generation), iPad 3(3rd Generation);

*iPod :

iPod 5th Generation (video);

iPod classic 80GB/160GB (2007), iPod classic 120GB (2008), iPod classic 160GB (2009);

iPod nano 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Generation;

iPod touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Generation.


Every sale from AIBOCN provides an 12-month worry-free guarantee to prove the importance we set on quality.

Product Features

  • Apple MFi certified 30 pin dock cable and uses original connector from Apple
  • Lightweight and easily coiled, highly durable construction for reliability
  • Slim dock connector design that allow it to be used with devices without removing case
  • Compatible with iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, iPod 1 through 6, iPod Touch 1 through 4, iPad 1 through 3
  • Use the optimum length 4 feet(1.2m) dock to USB cable to charge and sync your iPhone iPod iPad to your Mac or Windows PC

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  1. Getting harder to find, especially MFi ones This cable bears the MFi (Made for iPod/iPad/iPhone) logo on the packaging and looks nearly identical to the real thing. The only things different are there is no Apple logo on the cable and it does not carry the Apple price tag.I tested it both as a charging cable and a synching cable with an iPad 2 and it performed flawlessly.The thing that is the same is this is manufactured to Apple’s specs and did earn the MFI certification. Why this is important to me is most third…

  2. Good cable, good price, great service. Revised: 10/14/14 Previously, I had written a review of this product saying that I did not believe the cable I received was MFi certified, due to an error message I kept getting on my phone. It turns out that the cable I received was defective – Aibocn contacted me almost immediately after I brought this to their attention and sent me another cable, which works like an absolute charm. My iPhone 6 Plus identifies this cable as a “legitimate” accessory and I have had absolutely no problems with it.You…

  3. Works as well as my original Apple cable I received this at no cost in exchange for writing a review. Here are my comments.1. This looks similar to an Apple cable and says Apple certified. It works with my iPhone 4S and iPad 3 just as well as my original Apple cable, which is all that matters to me.2. A velcro strip attached to the cable is handy for “shortening” it by clipping the extra length together.3. At 7.99 this is an inexpensive way to get a cable that will work with your Apple…