Apple iPhone 4 Verizon Cellphone, 8GB, White


Apple’s iPhone 4 adds a gorgeous screen, terrific camera and faster processor to add to Apple’s awesome app experience. This slim, powerful iPhone 4 MD200LL/A features a high-quality 5.0-megapixel digital camera with built-in LED flash, HD video with audio and Wi-Fi video calling. Multitasking capabilities allow you to switch easily between recently used apps.

Product Features

  • iPhone 4
  • Size 8 GB

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  1. Buy an external case, know exactly what you’re buying – and what you’re not… The iPhone 4 (regardless of your cell phone carrier) works best if it has a case. There was some issue with the iPhone 4 and the quality of the internal cell phone antenna. Without the case, I drop from full reception to only one bar. I had the same exact issues when I owned an unlocked iPhone 4 which I used with T-Mobile. So I highly recommend also purchasing an external case, to protect your phone as well as improve the cell phone signal.Definitely you need to understand what…