Apple iPad Air Drop Tech Red Gumdrop Cases Silicone Rugged Shock Absorbing Protective Dual Layer Cover Case


If you’re looking for the most rugged, durable yet ultimately affordable protection for the new iPad, you found it in the Drop Tech Series Case for the iPad. Shock absorption, drop protection, extreme ruggedness and hard-core readiness for all adventures, the Drop Tech Series Case for the iPad specifically conforms to the shape of the iPad and offers multiple layers of protection. This iPad case features a unique, Snap-On integrated screen for maximum protection.

Product Features

  • Complete security for the iPad, including screen and port covers
  • Dual material construction for multiple layers of shock absorption
  • Reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners
  • Includes integrated screen cover for protection during use


  1. BE ADVISED THAT THE POWER BUTTON DOES NOT WORK ONCE IN THE GUMDROP CASE! In the rush to get this out, they were unable to guess exactly where the power button was going to be and as a result the case does not align up with the iPads power button once the plastic shell is in place.I tried putting the rubber protective body over it 50 times in order to get it to line up and function, just not going to happen. I also will comment on how easily their durable plastic “screen protector” scratches. Such poor quality and your paying top dollar for this…