Apple iPad Air 2 Drop Tech White Gumdrop Cases Silicone Rugged Shock Absorbing Protective Dual Layer Cover Case


If you’re looking for the most rugged protection available for the iPad Air 2, you’ve found it in the Drop Tech Series Cases. We achieve this superior protection with our silicone cover and inner rigid frame.

Product Features

  • Complete protection for the iPad Air 2, including screen and port covers
  • Rigid internal frame protects against drops. (tested from 6′ on flat concrete)
  • Outer Silicone skin absorbs shock and vibration with Reinforced bumpers corners
  • Integrated and replaceable screen shield prevents scratches
  • Fits the iPad Air 2


  1. Screen goes dark due to the ambient light sensors are covered by the case. The protective screen causes the entire Screen to go DARK!As a previous reviewer accurately stated and I concur: “The ambient light sensors are covered by the case. You don’t realized how much your screen is automatically and seamlessly adjusting until you loose the function.”We will be sending this model back pronto!BTW We were unable to reach anyone at Gumdrop Case support via phone or e-mail!When we called we got a message that their…

  2. No protection at all. go for otterbox or griffin instead First off, this is my second gumdrop case that I purchssed. The first one was for my iPad 2. That said, it did more than I could have imagined for securing my iPad when my 1 year old was handling it. It dropped to the floor countless times without any issues until one day my son dropped it off the bed where it fell perfectly flat on the floor which resulted in the screen cracking.That case stood to the test of little toddlers so I purchased another iPad air 2 along with a gumdrop…