Apple Authorized 1.2m USB Sync Data Charging Charger Cable Cord for Apple iPhone 4/4S/3G/3GS ,ipad 2/ipad,ipod touch(1st,2nd,3rd and 4th generation) and ipod nano(6th generation) -White



1. Colors:White/Black

2. Interface: USB 2.0A type to Dock

3.Connectors:USB A(male) to Dock(male)

4. Package Size:60mm*120mm*20mm

5.Package Weight(Product Included):40g Net Weight:23g


1.The products are authorized MFi certificate by Apple Inc.The materials are specified by Apple to ensure the high quality.Please notice that poor quality materials will damage the slot of your phone.

2.Be sure to find the logo on both product and package to ensure product warranty.

Product Features

  • Apple authorized MFi certificate to ensure product quality.
  • Charge and sync very fast.
  • RoHS and CE certificates.
  • Cable satisfies VW-1 flame rating,ratings of 80℃ and 30V and UL AWM style for external use.
  • Multi length and color selection(0.3m/0.5m/1.2m,black/white).


  1. Works like its supposed to It’s hard to write a enthusiastic review on a charging cord. But, our last cord broke apart at the base of the connection to our IPAD. If you look at the photo you can see an extra protective layer of white plastic wrapped around the wire there. This replacement cord seems to be exactly like the original except for the design of that protective layer. Our original cord had a larger diameter prortective layer that had three horizontal grooves formed in it.This cord plugged right into…