Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Light Switch with Home Automation App for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and Android Smartphones and Tablets


The Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Wall Switch lets you turn lights on and off from anywhere at any time. The NEO Wi-Fi Wall Switch uses your existing home Wi-Fi network and provides wireless control of lights. Simply download the free NEO app and replace your existing light switch with the NEO Wall Switch. You will be able to control your home lighting using your smartphone or tablet. You can set schedule timer, countdown timer and anti-theft timers to fit your life style. You can add multiple switches to your home to control your lighting using one single NEO app.

Product Features

  • Turn on or off your home electronics from anywhere at any time;
  • Countdown, anti-theft and schedule timers;
  • Free app for iOS and Android;
  • Works with one-way connection light, not compatible with three-way connection;
  • Requires a neutral wire

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  1. NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED! NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED!Since this is a DIY product, the manufacturer should clarify what a neutral wire is and when it is and isn’t present. I assumed that since my house was new, it had neutral wire in the box. I was wrong. The age of the house has nothing to do with it.Before ordering, take out the switch that you want to replace (just pull it out a bit from the box, no need to disconnect it) and make sure that there are more than two wires (not including a green wire…

  2. Great product. Have it for our front door light Great product. Have it for our front door light, so it comes on every day when the sun goes down and turns off after sunrise. You can control it from anywhere on your phone through their app which is good if you have to travel. All round great product. You can also take a picture of the thing it’s controlling which is cute, but useful if you have a list of them to control.2 downsides, but still giving it 5 stars. 1) It only supports single switches. If you have a light controlled by…

  3. I’m extremely pleased with the Ankuoo and will be buying several more … I’ve been trying to decide how to upgrade from X-10 switches on my outdoor balcony lights and several other lights and appliances. I went with the Ankuoo after reading reviews here & elsewhere. Works PERFECTLY. No dimming feature, but I didn’t need it on these lights anyway. The only problem I had was wiring them with 4 wires as opposed to 2 for the X-10. My electrical ignorance to blame, but I eventually figured it out. Also–the X-10 would’nt allow LED replacement lights (they would flicker…