Android Tablet Tips, Tricks, and Traps: A How-To Tutorial for all Android Tablet


As the proud owner of an Android-based tablet computer, you probably have unanswered questions about its operation, or would just love to get the most out of your new tablet. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn tips (ways to effectively use your Android tablet), tricks (ways to improve the operation of your tablet), and traps (things to avoid to prevent problems while using your tablet). This comprehensive text, written by best-selling technology author Edward Jones, will teach you all of the above and more– • How to get around to the Android-based user interface (meaning, what you see on the screen) more efficiently • How to make your tablet your own, customizing its display and operation for fastest and easiest use • How to find THOUSANDS of FREE (as in, ‘zero dollars and zero cents’) apps, books, songs, and other digital content • How you can download videos to your tablet • How you can quickly set up and work with your e-mail on your your tablet • Suggested apps that no Android tablet owner should be without You will learn all of the above and more, with Android Tablet Tips, Tricks, and Traps: A How-To Tutorial for all Android Tablets as a part of your library. Learn 100% of what you need to know to get the most out of your Android tablet!

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  1. Must have for beginners I found that this is the perfect book for beginning users. I just remember how frustrated l was when I first started trying to figure out my new android tablet.If I had had this book, I surely wouldn’t have gotten so aggravated.There’s still a lot of things that you can learn after you finish this book, but you’ll have a good leg up.I rarely use my laptop any more, because there are so many things you can do with an Android tablet. I’ve been using a tablet for about a year and…

  2. Full Of Errors and Nonsense! I thought that I would be able to recommend this book to family and friends that need a ‘more than just the basics guide’. But after reading it, I will spare them.I became annoyed at the author’s attempt to explain an operating system. So let’s set a few things straight. Android was developed by Android Inc, NOT Google. Google acquired Android Inc in 2005.Whilst Android is built around Linux, that [Linux] is not an operating system, it is a kernel. Additionally, saying…