AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO)


Product Features

  • Support iOS8, Support AirPlay streaming and mirroring
  • Support WIFI AP mode
  • Automatic startup and Service shutdown configurable
  • Audio streaming background played without delay
  • Anti-disturb mode(video is kept playing when the controlling side exits)
  • Continue playing from its previous pause point
  • Support external Player
  • AirPlay password setting
  • Slideshow for AirPlay photo streaming
  • Support AirPinPcSender(PC media streaming with Sub-Rip Text subtitle support and mirroring) and AndroidSender(Android media streaming)

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  1. Makes my Fire TV Work Just Like an Apple TV Works perfectly for my Fire TV. From my MacBook, I can mirror or extend my display to my TV, or I can redirect just my audio output to my home theater. From my iOS devices, I can also mirror my display or send audio/video to my TV.The neat thing about this app is that it lives in the background. You only need to launch it once. After that, you can just be on the Fire TV home screen and still be able to activate AirPlay from any of your Apple devices. It feels just as seamless and…