Aduro FACIO Case with Bluetooth Removable Keyboard for Apple iPad Mini (Purple/Turquoise)


ADURO Facio New open box

Product Features

  • Aduro introduces the NEW FACIO series of cases w/Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple iPad Mini in beautiful color combinations
  • Bluetooth keyboard delivers wireless operation and one-touch access to iApple iPad Mini media and setting functions such as home button, volume and brightness
  • No batteries needed, recharge quickly the built-in battery with the included universal micro-USB cable
  • Bluetooth technology connects quickly and easily with the push of a button
  • Energy saving automatic wake/sleep cover for maximum convenience

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  1. Makes a tablet so much more versatile, so much more like a laptop I love my Ipad – and use it every day for so many things – surfing the Net, reading my newspaper & magazine subscriptions, etc. It ALMOST replaces a laptop, and it is better sized – if only I could improve a few features.And I did improve my IPad, dramatically, when I bought my Aduro FACIO Case.First, regardless of whther you are a touch typist, or to some degree a hunt & peck typer, the keyboard on an Ipad is just inefficient. With this case, I can type e-mails, surf…

  2. Design, technical AND customer service problems The good: This case comes in cute colorsThe bad: the way the case is designed makes it so the ipad mini slips down once it’s in place and you can’t see the very bottom of the screen. This is mainly a problem when I’m watching a video and want to pause or use one of the other control buttons. Also, now that I’ve downloaded iOS 7, I can’t swipe up from the bottom to access the control panel very easily.Additionally, the grooves to prop up the ipad aren’t deep enough so it…