8000mAh External Backup Power Bank Battery Charger Case Stand Cover For iPad Mini


8000mAh External Backup Power Bank Battery Charger Case Cover For iPad Mini


Input voltage: 5V

Input current: ≤ 2.5A

Quiescent current: <100μA Output voltage: 5V

Output current: ≤1A

Color: Black

Dimensions: 21.6 x 13.8 x 2 cm / 8.50 x 5.43 x 0.79 inches

Battery indicator:

Press the battery test switch, power on, LED light indicates that there is 5V output voltage

output. Then press the test switch ≥ 3 seconds, the power is off.

Turn on the power, if no external load, 3 minutes after the battery pack will automatically enter standby mode.

Press the battery test switch, such as the battery pack charge more than 90%, while the four LED light will light up;

such as the battery pack power is greater than 70% and less than 90%, the first, second and third LED lights also light cases; If the battery pack power greater than 50% and less than 70%, while the first and second LED lights also light up;

when the battery pack power is greater than 30% and less than 50%, the first LED lights ; When the battery pack capacity is less than 30%, while the four LED lights flash, prompting the user needs to be charged.

Package includes

1 x iPad Mini Battery Pack

1 x USB Cable

Product Features

  • Use new power manage and circuit protection IC, have overcharge protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, protect the charge product and power,With stand, convenient to watch the video
  • This long time battery pack is suitable for iPad mini. In addition to being a super battery life of portable back-up battery pack, can also be used as the iPad mini protective cover, bring to your iPad mini strong momentum and excellent console protection
  • Built-in large capacity rechargeable lithium battery (8000mAh), sustainable long time for iPad mini power supply
  • iPad4 original AC adapter with the battery pack charging to the saturation takes about 4 hours
  • With 4 LED battery indicator and a battery test switch, real-time check the battery pack power, use more convenient

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